Wednesday, September 7, 2011

He's Just Like Your Father

You know you're better than this.
You're better than him.
For some reason you're still not convinced.
What gives?
He just takes, takes, takes
and will continue to stay
as long as you keep him fed.
No, not a stray;
he won't run away,
he's here, you're no longer afraid.
You mistake peace of mind
with death by design
you'll beat the same path to your grave.
Don't wait. Don't barter.
You deserve better. Reach farther.
He's more like your father than you know.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's Be Best Friends

I haven't been looking,
but I've noticed you yet...
Friends like me notice what time seems to forget.
Well, I haven't been calling -- I know how it seems.
It's easy to think I don't care.

But when we are close we radiate.

When I dig into you, it feels real.
I know that you know
your worth is in who you are
and not whose you are.
Many confuse the stare from afar.
I see myself in you, and I hope you too
see a little of yourself in me.

Long, straight hair;
skinny as the bones below your skin-
someone I could never hope to be/ I hope to be with them.
But we're best friends; too soon to forget.
I am not time and time isn't yet spent.
Its easier to turn friendship to love,
than it is to do the opposite.

All my love, :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grew a Garden for the View

Oh maybe air tastes free when my lungs can still accept it,

but now I’m bleeding underneath and the tissue rips like fabric.

Never had it, but I want it; took the time to let it slide.

If I told you that I miss it then of course it'd be a lie.

Speaker says, “Sleeper, see? Your body grows weaker

the longer you lay lying to yourself and to others.”

But I feel safe under these covers,

where I'm not bothered unless its urgent.

I'll grow a conscience when it's worth it.

‘Cuz hair and nails will grow long after we’re dead,

and as long as we’re alive we might as well celebrate it.

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