Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's Be Best Friends

I haven't been looking,
but I've noticed you yet...
Friends like me notice what time seems to forget.
Well, I haven't been calling -- I know how it seems.
It's easy to think I don't care.

But when we are close we radiate.

When I dig into you, it feels real.
I know that you know
your worth is in who you are
and not whose you are.
Many confuse the stare from afar.
I see myself in you, and I hope you too
see a little of yourself in me.

Long, straight hair;
skinny as the bones below your skin-
someone I could never hope to be/ I hope to be with them.
But we're best friends; too soon to forget.
I am not time and time isn't yet spent.
Its easier to turn friendship to love,
than it is to do the opposite.

All my love, :)

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