Tuesday, November 10, 2009


You might not know me, or say that you do -
but I'll ask this one question: Would you really want to?
But here's my decision; it came through the quick -
where the lightning strikes ground and we build houses of sticks.
"Run away with me!" See? The wind sings me to sleep,
"Get away from this town!" down, the roadway still speaks.
"And never come back." The trees lie a lot,
and when no one is near they mock all our thoughts -
of running away. Of sweet sanctity.
"All work and no play" bores the Hell outta me.
But, oh, Heaven help me! All cliche's melt away,
and those who don't know me let their sorrowed heads sway.
If life is a battle there's not near enough action.
If life were a movie it'd be 'Fatal Attraction'.
If life were a song, it'd sing itself hoarse.
Since life is a boat it will sure sail its course.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Do Girls Wear Chucks?

In my life, my brain still chews,
questions so truly cryptic:
Like, why does a girl look so smooth,
when you've both denied advances?
Is it the hair (straight), the eyes (bold),
which boil my blood to dust?
But of all of the things I wish I knew:
Why do girls wear Chucks?

Why is it such a mundane trigger,
as simple as a pair of glasses?
Or pair of shoes or brand of jeans,
which tend to tip my bias?
The girls that seem so far away,
regardless of what is "us" -
But why oh why... I have to know,
why so many girls wear Chucks.

Why don't women understand,
not every mans' the same.
In this age of copycat,
There's less of us enslaved -
by history, and immaturity,
true, there's some still stuck.
Hand in hand and heart to heart,
but your girl still wears those Chucks.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do They Serve Their Stated Purposes

Every thought of women.
Every lie a thought.
Almost any person,
dwells on what they're not.
So if every dream is empty,
and with every thought a dream -
seems to me we're all sleep-walking,
with walls between our needs.

How to keep this simple?
How complex the simple comes.
Nearly any person,
sure deserves more than their sum.
So when every day is darkness,
when the dark peeks way to light -
will your God give in on Sunday,
when portioning out your plight?

Oh, "You don't know how beautiful you are!"
The mind, Shakespeare to mouth.
~When I try to speak... the words... just won't... come out.

Oh, "If only you knew I love you; at the least for what I see"
And I see such beauty every day.
~'If only that guy were me.'

Line after line on repeat.
Hope lost in the rhymes.
But therapy is important. See -
maybe you'll read my mind.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Read into me

Up front, you're a stunner -
a myth - a Man's dream.
You know...

The kind of girl who takes everything.

But below you're, just. Normal.
A word-twisting floozie.
- Please excuse me.

Do you think we're all dumb?

Well, maybe numb. Yeah.
But Men built these pillars.
Fought every battle.

You're a cynic. We know.

But you're doing damage.
To yourself and to others -
you see it.

I see through your lies.

At the End you'll be wishing,
that second chance knocked -
a third time.

Oh please stop.

You're just you. That's the crutch...

Some of the most beautiful people are the most ugly inside.
You're jealous of Sister and the body she pilots.
Some of the most beautiful people are the most ugly inside.
You fuck every bad guy that can't tell the difference.
Some of the most beautiful people are the most ugly inside.
Oh, fuck they'll all know it when the cigarettes age you.
Some of the most beautiful people are the most ugly inside.

Believe this.

A Women worth having is a Woman who knows it.

So sorry. ;) I wish I knew you before this.
Maybe I could have stopped it.
Maybe I'm hopeless.

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