Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Night (Was Nuts)

My mind says,
"No. Don't turn down that road."
"Don't flirt with disaster"
"Take the money and run!!"

But my head has separate intentions.

I think that I picked up a hitchhiker.
My memory is hazy in the morning.
But I can see his face - blurried and frosted.
It was cold, but I didn't notice.
I think I took him past Main.
But I didn't have a car when I woke up again.
Nor did I feel trust or peace refrain
within the four white walls that house
my sanity.
He knocked it out of me.
Pipe probably. Swung laterally through the dark.
It had to be small. Light but lethal hard.
I felt the warmth, and yeah I noticed:
when picture bled to smear.
In the end its desperate separation that helped us meet...
I was delighted you were there.

In the end I think we all meet, although we haven't yet.
We know everyone and no one all the same.
How can I hope to pierce your skull and peer at what's in your brain?
It's gray all the same. I know that much.
So maybe we can meet again - some other time
with different circumstances.
Maybe that would play out different.
But that's just maybe.
And I have a headache.

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