Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Do Girls Wear Chucks?

In my life, my brain still chews,
questions so truly cryptic:
Like, why does a girl look so smooth,
when you've both denied advances?
Is it the hair (straight), the eyes (bold),
which boil my blood to dust?
But of all of the things I wish I knew:
Why do girls wear Chucks?

Why is it such a mundane trigger,
as simple as a pair of glasses?
Or pair of shoes or brand of jeans,
which tend to tip my bias?
The girls that seem so far away,
regardless of what is "us" -
But why oh why... I have to know,
why so many girls wear Chucks.

Why don't women understand,
not every mans' the same.
In this age of copycat,
There's less of us enslaved -
by history, and immaturity,
true, there's some still stuck.
Hand in hand and heart to heart,
but your girl still wears those Chucks.



  1. Nothing wrong with Chucks. I've got some on right now as a matter of fact. Haha.

  2. Chucks are really comfortable, and they hug your feet. It's like wearing your best friend in an uncreepy way.

  3. wearing your best friend eh? lol. I'll count that one

  4. Do you mean that it's a bad thing that girls wear chucks? They're comfy and they go with almost everything so they can become an everyday shoe.

  5. its just an ode to the sd fact that guys can't wear chucks anymore ;)


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