Tuesday, November 10, 2009


You might not know me, or say that you do -
but I'll ask this one question: Would you really want to?
But here's my decision; it came through the quick -
where the lightning strikes ground and we build houses of sticks.
"Run away with me!" See? The wind sings me to sleep,
"Get away from this town!" down, the roadway still speaks.
"And never come back." The trees lie a lot,
and when no one is near they mock all our thoughts -
of running away. Of sweet sanctity.
"All work and no play" bores the Hell outta me.
But, oh, Heaven help me! All cliche's melt away,
and those who don't know me let their sorrowed heads sway.
If life is a battle there's not near enough action.
If life were a movie it'd be 'Fatal Attraction'.
If life were a song, it'd sing itself hoarse.
Since life is a boat it will sure sail its course.


  1. I want to quote you desperately, "If life were a song, it'd sing itself hoarse." Love that line. And I don't even like poetry.


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